Channel City Flyers

A Santa Barbara Flying Club


In our flight club safety is the priority, not profit. As a part owner you will have insight into your aircraft's maintenance and will be held to high standards for pilot conduct.


General aviation is the heart and soul of flying. When you join the Channel City Flyers you are joining a group of aviators who cherish and strive to protect the world of GA.


Fly-ins, BBQs, and hanging out at the airport...this is what general aviation is all about! Join us!


As a member you will be surrounded by aviation enthusiasts who share your love and passion for the sky!

Who We Are

Channel City Flyers is a Santa Barbara Airport based (SBA) non-profit, cooperative flying club founded by a group of passionate pilots, flight instructors and those simply wanting to be involved in aviation. We believe in a strong general aviation community that is safe, inclusive, and makes flying easy and fun.

Our Vision

Sharpening skills, keeping current, or going up for a Tuesday afternoon flight shouldn't be a hassle. We believe in the general aviation community and the magic that happens in the air. We believe in erasing the boundaries that make aviation out of reach.

Our Planes

All aircraft are professionally maintained and serviced. The hourly rate is "wet", meaning inclusive of gas and oil

Cessna 150

Our first airplane -- a beautiful and meticulously maintained 1974 150M -- that CCF was founded on. Affectionately known as the Creamsicle.

Cessna 152

The venerable Cessna 152 - 1979

Grumman AA-5A "Cheetah"

Our Grumman Cheetah is our mid-level 4 seater low wing. The ability to go 125 knots with 52 gallon fuel capacity makes this a great cross country machine.


The club is a cooperative! These rates are directly used to cover the costs and expenses of each aircraft.

Initial Buy-In$1500**
Monthly Dues$150/mo
Cessna 150 (3299V)$120/hr
Cessna 152 (5353H)$130/hr
* Hourly plane rates are "wet", meaning they are inclusive of oil and gas. We bill on Hobbs time.
** $1000 refundable upon cancellation of membership