Joining the Club

Joining the club involves the following.  Please email us with any questions you have!


  1. Fill out all the forms and return them.   All documents in the table at the right must be filled out, signed and returned as attachments to, or by mailing them to our address below.
  2. Get set up on Flight Circle Follow the instructions in the video below to get enrolled on our flight scheduling application (
  3. Provide an initial buy-in check.  This can be mailed or dropped off with an officer of the club. (You can provide the above forms physically at the same time as well if coordinating with someone to take the check directly.)
    You can also pay the buy-in fee directly in Flight Circle.
  4. Get checkout out on a plane!  Work with a club approved CFIs to get checked out on a plane.  The CFI will require you to provide a filled out Aircraft Checkout Form.pdf
  5. Fly!
  6. Join us at the next club meeting. We meet the first Tuesday of every month. WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT MEETING IN-PERSON due to COVID concerns!  Please contact us for additional information.

Mailing address

STE 330

Pilot HistoryFor our insurance
Membership Form (Revised 5-3-2018)Membership Application
Welcome PacketWelcome Packet and operational rules
Aircraft Checkout Form.pdfAircraft Checkout Form. Required for each aircraft